5 Commonly Asked Interior Design/Decorating Questions

5 commonly asked interior design decorating questions

1. Is there a perfect paint colour for my walls?

This is a trick question because every space is different, and paint is something that changes
with every different item in the room – with different lighting colours your paint colour will
change, different times of days, different furniture, and finishes. There is no perfect paint colour
for any space, you just need to base it off your overall style, and feel you are going for. Chances
are there is multiple “perfect” colours for you space that would look great.

2. Do the different woods throughout my room/house have to match?

The simple answer to this is no. You do not have to have a perfectly matching wood throughout
all the difference aspects of your house – whether it is floors, cabinets, shelving, furniture,
décor. They can be different colours, if they compliment one another with their tones. You can
connect the difference in your flooring and furniture and cabinets through frames, décor, pillows,
and other smaller items that you see when your eyes travel through the space.

3. Do I need to have all the walls in my house the same colour?

If you have an open concept floor plan, then to have the colours of the walls the same in these
areas is nice to keep a nice flow throughout the spaces. The other rooms in your house that are
behind closed doors (bedrooms, dens, office, etc.) can be different colours, by changing the
colours in these rooms it can help make the space more personal. If a room connects to
bathrooms, then the bathroom colour should relate to the adjoining room colour.

4. What are some décor elements that will help elevate a space?

In order to make a room feel more elevated or to make a space feel like home you can add
décor items such as artwork and framed images, plants can add life to a space and make it feel
more personal, coffee table books, different pieces you may have gathered throughout your
travels, as well as small décor items on shelves to fill in the open spaces.

5. Should I buy a matching furniture set?

The answer to this one is easy, NO! you should not buy a matching furniture set because it does
not allow the space to feel personal. You should have carefully thought out pieces in your house
that compliment one another but are not a perfect match. This will allow your space to have
more character. If it seems overwhelming to you to have to search for pieces that will
compliment each other, that is when hiring an interior decorator can help. You can limit yourself

to buying one matching set of something for a space – whether it is table lamps, accent chairs,
nightstands, etc. Other then that you should try find pieces that are complimentary.