9 Design Styles

9 Design Styles for your home

Today we are going to talk about nine different common design styles and what they include.
Hopefully reading through this will help you get a sense of what you design style(s) may be,
which in the end may help with any design/decorating you are doing or planning.


We will begin with talking about farmhouse style, this is a very natural and comfortable style.
When we are working in the farmhouse style, we will often see bright areas with warm whites
and buttery yellows. This style will include a fair amount of wood that is distressed and rustic
whether it is through the flooring or the furniture, or beams on the ceiling. When decorating in
the farmhouse style you will want to be sure to incorporate things like jute rugs, wall clocks, old
rustic windows, antique furniture, wire baskets, and different signage and chalkboards.

Image: Magnolia


When we talk about minimalistic design we can talk about functionality. When it comes to minimalistic style less is always more, that is why there is not any clutter or extra décor. You can pair minimalism with a lot of different styles such as boho, mid century modern, farmhouse, it just means that you design in the style you like but make sure that every piece you add to the space has a function. Minimalistic style includes a sense of warmth and coolness at the same time, neutral colours paired with earth tones, clean lines and sleek simple furniture.

Image: Sarah Ellison


Contemporary style mixes clean lines with curved lines, has a neutral colour palette with accents of colour and interest with geometrics and colour blocking. Metal accent pieces that keep the space modern, as well as either very light wood or very dark woods that add a natural element.

Image: Casa Vouge

Mid-Century Modern

Mid century modern is a very popular style that you will see all over Pinterest lately. It is very owner friendly because when designing in this style you will use very functional furniture, natural materials such as light leathers, woods, and natural textiles, living indoor plants throughout the space, mixed metals, geometric shapes. A large giveaway that a furniture piece is inspired by the mid-century era is if it has tapered legs. Furniture such as headboards will tend to be low and sleek paired with a platform bed.

Image: Leanne Ford


As one of the most common styles we are currently seeing the modern style includes an open floor plan that is simple. When designing in this style you will want to avoid ornate finishes, and clutter. This style is intentionally asymmetrical meaning that it is not the same on both sides of the design, but it still seems to have balance. Neutral and earthy tone colour palettes with primary colours and bold contrast are common in this style. Modern spaces are bright, this is because of the open floor plan that allows light to flow through one space into the next, but also because often it will include large floor to ceiling windows. When looking into furniture in this style you will want to find something that has a basic shape and clean lines.

Image: Mello Design


The Scandinavian style can send to be mistaken for modern or minimalistic. This is because it is also a very minimalistic style, that is very simple and functional. When you think of Scandinavian style you will think of very light spaces. Theses spaces tend to be very monochromatic with a lot of white throughout the space, paired with very light wood. Clean lines and statement furniture keep with look very modern. Warm colours should be added to the space to keep it feeling comfortable.

Image: Tali Roth


This style is most common in places such as lofts or transformed warehouses. It has a very raw and unfinished look, which makes it the perfect and common style for bachelor pads. This style is distinguished because it commonly includes very high ceilings that are unfinished, completely open floor plans, metal, and exposed piping and bricks walls. This style will have a mixture of grey, neutrals, and rustic finishes. Consists of functional finishes and furniture. Lighting is often antique or large and statement pieces with metal finishes. These spaces usually have concrete flooring to finish off this unique style.

Image: Leanne Ford


This style is very beachy and comfortable, if it doesn’t make you feel like you are on holidays in your own home, I don’t know what will. With colours such white, blue, green, and sand you will feel like you are at the beach somewhere tropical. This style often incorporates a large amount of natural materials such as linen, jute, driftwood, wood, wicker, and rattan. This style is finishes off with an assortment of stripes throughout the space as well as sea inspired décor such as boat inspired décor such as anchors, seashells, and sea glass.

Image: Gray Malin


Transitional design style is a mixture of traditional and modern to create a very forgiving and freeing style. When working with this style you will have a lot of room to play with what you like and to make the space your own. It is a warm and inviting style that is modern but still timeless. By using a neutral colour palette or tone on tone colours, textured materials like wood, glass, metal, fabric and rattan this space stays very natural. This design is simple and uses only a few accessories to decorate it but is often complimented with large artwork as a focal point of the décor.

Image: McGee and Co