Christmas Decorating Trends of 2020

As we all transition into winter, it brings the warmth and comfort of Christmas time and all the cozy decorations that come with it. This year, there are some vey noticeable trends that you can see throughout the design industry. Whether you look on Pinterest, follow designers on Instagram or just look around in the stores and online, you will see a few continuous trends for Christmas decorations in 2020. 

You will see a mix of two different looks when decorating for Christmas this year. There will be a mix of whites being a dominant colour, and the other will use deeper jewel tones as the dominant colour. This depends on what kind of look you are going for, something lighter and more neutral or something more moody and bolder.


Image: McGee and Co


If you are going with the more natural and lighter look, you will probably have decorations that lean towards the more minimalist design, whether it is from the tree decorations, or to how you accessorise your mantel. From trees having less ornaments, and being kept simple and less ornate, to the mantel being finished with simple fresh garland, candles and a few stockings. Colours will not be bold and bright, but rather neutral, light, and muted earth tones.

If you tend to lean towards the dark moodier colours when it comes to decorating, you will probably not have as minimalistic design choices, but rather heavier and bolder. This design style will still involve a fair amount of natural materials and textures mixed in, and will also give your home a cozy feel that you won’t want to leave until the snow begins melting again! Jewel tones are huge when going this route of decorating, because they are not overwhelming and crazy, but still have a beautiful presence and compliment each other nicely. If you pair these with anything lighter they will have a nice contrast, or they can be paired together with gold to have a nice complementary look.


Image: Craft Berry Bush

Overall, no matter what route you take to decorate your house, we see that natural materials are a large trend this season. This is not a surprise because it was also a large part of the overall design trends this year.  We like to surround ourselves with warmth and comfort, and natural materials and finishes play a large factor in accomplishing this look and feel. Wanting to surround ourselves with warmth and comfort this season is not a surprise since we have all had such an overwhelming year, and as the cooler season surrounds us, we are ready to leave the outdoors and cozy up inside with our love ones and temporarily forget about what is happening in the world around us.