Your Dream Home Awaits

As our clients plan for a new home they spend countless hours on the internet looking for ideas. Many of the ideas found online are from southern climates and are either not available in Ontario or not feasible for our climate. It’s our job to educate our clients (between Design & Construction) to ensure their home is built to the best standards for the region it’s built in. With over 30 years of construction experience JDC has gained experience and knowledge to be able to design and build with confidence. Our crews and trades are of the best in the region. Client satisfaction is top priority with a focus on quality of construction and attention to detail.

We Make Your Dream home a Reality.


The construction of each project will reflect our clients’ every need and financial resources. JDC employs a team of local professionals who take pride in their trade and stand behind their work. They truly are craftsmen (and women). JDC projects are built above and beyond Building Code standard and are meant to last for many years. If our clients put a big emphasis on energy efficiency, then we build our projects to suit those needs. We’ve used geothermal heating, solar panels, smart thermostats with remote access, and thicker insulation or sprayfoam as some of the methods available to conserve energy. If our clients want to be eco-friendly, then we build our projects to suit those needs. We’ll use recycled material, renewable resources, waste control systems, and other methods or systems to be environmentally friendly.

Technology is changing at such a high rate of speed in many industries, and home building is affected by these changes as well. As a member of several organizations, JDC is able to keep up with these changes in technology and stay current with building code requirements and good building practices.