Design Trends We’ve Noticed For 2021

Design Trends for 2021

We are partially into 2021 and with 2020 behind us we can say it was a year for the books. Since we have begun a new year it seemed like a good time to talk about trends and are excited to go through our take on the design “IN” and “OUTS” for the year ahead!


When it comes to design sustainability is becoming more and more of thing, weather it is building a completely LEED certified house, installing geothermal to help consume less energy, buying sustainably made products, to buying products that is are a better quality at a high price so you can avoid having to buy things more often, and therefore creating less waste when it comes time to toss out the old and make room for the new. Another alternative is to thrift items, or shop at antique markets – this helps from things ending up in the landfill because you are giving them a new purpose.

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We do not have just one design trend to talk about when it comes to kitchens, but we will tell you about a few different things that we see changing this year in the kitchen industry. We can say goodbye to all white kitchens, rather we will see more wood tones, painted kitchen, integrated hardware, higher end faucets, appliance drawers, and a more curated space.

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When it comes to styles, we are seeing a trend of timelessness, meaning looks that can evolve over time, this can be seen by using organic materials and shapes, many different neutral textures throughout a space, earthy tones, and mixing old/antique pieces with new. Another common style this year we are going to be seeing is “Granny Chic” which is mixing in older and antique finishes with more modern finishes.

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When it comes to materials that are trending right now, we are seeing an increasing use of natural materials such as real plants to accent/decorate a space, cane, raffia, grass clothes, raw/rustic woods, and organic textiles such as linen. Warm coloured finishes and materials will be used more often to allow spaces to feel more welcoming.

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Things that are “OUT” in 2021

Some things that we will see less of in the next year or so will be grey on grey throughout an entire house, all white kitchens, cool tones, and temporary void shopping – when we buy something less expensive to fill a space until we can find the “right” or specific piece we are looking for. We can also expect to see less mid century modern and modern farmhouse finishes used this year.