Our Mission Statement

At JDC our passion is to give the ultimate experience to our clients, staff, trades, suppliers and everyone involved in the journey. JDC proudly believes in the concept that by building honest relationships one can build anything. Lets begin this amazing journey together.

We treat each client with respect and fairness. We explain procedures, structural options and finishes. We have integrity and an old fashioned work ethic.

At JDC we base our success on the fact that our staff, trades, consultants and suppliers belong to a great team. Client focus and satisfaction is an intregal foundation of this relationship.

While striving to conduct ourselves in a way in which we want to be treated, we reinforce relationships with our clients, trades and suppliers. At the end of the day we are proud of the quality of the work and the relationships we establish among all team members. We use the experience of all our team members to enhance the experience provided to our clients.

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Each employee has the right to enjoy a safe work environment and go home to their families each day. Job sites have various kinds of ever changing risks and hazards which requires all team members to be proactive and look out for each other.

In order to continue to provide our clients and staff with a sustainable company we must obtain a fair profit. While working towards this goal we never lose focus on our core values.