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At JDC we offer a high level of commitment in all the stages of our projects. Our clients’ needs are considered from the original design and budgeting stage, through to site planning, construction preparation and during the execution of the construction stage as well as the maintenance of the completed project in future years. By keeping in constant contact with our clients, we ensure that their needs are met and reflected in the final product. For years we’ve provided cost effective services and high quality projects. JDC has a wide variety of projects in their portfolio. We’ve built smaller projects worth a few thousand dollars to new homes and renovations or additions costing over a million dollars. Working with a great sensitivity towards our client’s budget, high quality construction, attention to detail and customer communication, has provided us with many repeat customers and terrific marketing by way of referrals. We’ve worked on client’s homes, cottages and businesses for many years and as a growing company are looking forward to many more years of the same.

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