JCD Custom Homes Inc. provides the highest level of design and build services to meet our clients’ needs. With over 25 years of design and construction experience, JDC Custom Homes is a leading and award winning construction company in Southern Ontario. With our office near Shelburne, Ontario, JDC is centrally located in Southern Ontario and has worked on client’s dream homes and cottages in such places as Orangeville, Caledon, Wasaga Beach, Kincardine, Stouffville, Keswick, Parry Sound, Port Stanton among many others. JDC’s projects include new homes and cottages, renovations, and additions - both commercial and residential. JDC has a hands-on commitment to our projects and clients. Our employees and team of trades are committed to our clients with a high level of detail and attention.

Our staff has been a critical part to our success and our company continues to grow.



We are detail oriented and committed to providing the best quality construction available. Our trades are professionals and are committed to building excellence.


Our construction management professionals organize, lead and manage the work, materials and processes of construction, utilizing the latest technologies within the industry.


We are a full-service contractor working with you through every aspect of design, construction and maintenance.


JDC Custom Homes is proud to be affiliated with, a member of, or accredited by the following five organizations: the Greater Dufferin Home Builders Association, RenoMark, Dufferin Board of Trade, AATO and TARION. 



By undertaking both technically and logistically challenging projects, we provide our employees with an exciting variety of daily work.



Peter has been with the company for almost 20 years. Peter loves to incorporate innovative techniques and his experience and keen eye for detail are an asset to our team.



Jason has been employed at JDC since 2014. He was hired by the company to allow JDC to split up crews and work on different projects at one time or take on larger projects with one crew. Prior to starting with JDC, he worked for a while in the Ottawa region and gained valuable knowledge about the residential construction industry while he was there. Jason loves to discuss the aspects of each project with our clients and is determined to make sure things are done in a way that follows the level of quality set out by management. 



Adam came to work for JDC in 2014 as well, when he was looking for new employment in construction.  Adam has learned a lot about the trade and pays careful attention to those around him.  He’s a fast learner and works hard every day.



Tim started his career in the industry while still going to high school. He worked during the summers and finished his secondary education by doing a Co-op program with JDC. He is now an apprentice in general carpentry and is learning quickly. Tim loves to work with his hands and has an energy and enthusiasm about the industry that will allow him to excel in his craft.



Natasha completed the Architectural Technician program at Sheridan in the spring of 2016 and is a welcomed addition to our team in the office.  Her passion about design has been obvious in her grades and the projects she’s been working on for college and JDC over the years.  She has displayed a good knowledge about the structural elements of the projects as well as a keen desire to create a design that suits our clients’ needs.


Manager of Corporate Affairs

Margaret is the glue (better than carpenter’s glue) that holds the company together.  Growing up with many family members in the construction industry and with some post-secondary administrative training, her knowledge is critical in keeping things running smoothly from day to day.  She allows the construction team to focus on all aspects of the work on site while she manages the, ever important, work in the office.

PAUL JANSSEN M.A.A.T.O., B.Arch., B.Tech. 


Paul started ‘messing around’ on construction sites while he was 9 or 10 years old and a kid growing up in The Netherlands. He worked in construction during the summers while in high school. Paul completed 5 years of post-secondary education, as well as some extra courses, to earn two Architectural Degrees and the Architectural Technologist accreditation. His experience in construction and design came together shortly after completing his post-secondary education when he started his business designing and building homes, additions and renovation.