Today’s client has so much more information at their fingertips through the use of the internet, than when Paul first started designing residential projects in 1985.  Most clients are prepared with pictures and layouts of homes from the internet and know what they want in the design of a house that is perfect for their family’s needs. By using computer aided drafting, the design process is perfected through a series of meetings with our clients.   All of our homes are custom designed for each client making the best use of interior space and creating a curb appeal to satisfy our clients’ dreams.

One big advantage of using a Design/Build company is that there is less confusion about the interpretation of drawings on site.  The Designer, who has had a series of meetings with the client, understanding their needs and wants which aren’t always easy to put on paper, is in direct contact with our construction crew.  The company has developed a relationship with each client during the design process which is reinforced throughout the construction process.  If there are any changes to be made during the construction process, there is no time lost in relating changes between different players.  JDC can make design changes quickly and implement these changes on site in an effective way.

Many factors affect the decisions during the design process and careful consideration must be given to all of them.  We take into account where the home is located.  It may be on the edge of a lake, on a piece of farm land or deep in a bush.  Each room in the home will be affected by the direction of the sun and wind pattern as well as the natural and man-made features around it.  Our clients’ requirements for cabinetry, storage and home décor also play a big factor in the final design of each project.  Our team has the experience and creativity to make dreams become reality.

At JDC we now have the option of offering 3D renderings of the home you would like to build. This can be quite helpful in the design phase as it is quite often difficult to picture what the final product will look like in a two dimensional drawing. The 3D will help you visualize the end result as well as give you an idea of what different materials might look like. It allows you to change key features that affect the looks of your home before the construction begins.

Recent News

JDC Custom Homes has added a second designer to better serve your needs. Stop by our "About Us" page to learn more about our designers.